JKG supplies a complete range of accessories, fully dedicated and related to the production and finishing of final number plates. We are one of the very few suppliers in the world who design and produce all necessary items in house. This is why we are favoured by authorities and private enterprise, alike, throughout the world.

From our own very well equiped facilities, we are offering a host of standard products as well as fully customisable products, such as:


Automatic embossing machine

Automatic embossing machines with a rare combination of innovation, speed, and versatility, this high tech product offers customers a very welcome tool to facilitate the production of final car license plates in large quantities in the least of time. Fully adjustable to the local requirements, this feature is unique on the world market today.



Embossing presses

Embossing presses: our standard machines, offer an economic, yet very reliable alternative for the production of final number plates.



Smart Presses

The need for increased security and advanced control by the authorities on number plates has not gone unnoticed at JKG. This is why our team of engineers has developed a technically very advanced "Smart Press", which ensures the highest possible security and control possible.

Unauthorised access and use of the "Smart Press" is impossible through the use of biometrics, smart cards etc. Also, the interface between various required databases, combined with the use of our smart hardware and software in the presses and clapper dies, have increased security to unprecedented levels. Malicious use and the production of fake number plates has become impossible and authorities have maximum control over the production by remote and secured access to the required databases. 

Further customisation will be possible in cooperation with our engineers, in order to fulfill your personal or national specifications and needs. 



Clapper dies

We design and produce clapper dies according to any specification in the world, in any quantity desired. Our glass reinforced products are robust, yet very practical and efficient. Our clapper dies serve all our customers and will ensure a first class quality license plate for years on end.



Hot print machines

Hot print machines, available for applying the finishing touch to the final car license plate, by transferring a lasting ink onto the characters and borders, in a matter of seconds. More versatile than its competitors, our various designs will cope with any quality (reflective) film and plate dimension at various settings, if required.




Hologram Stamping machines

We have designed and produced a range of practical, fast and reliable hologram stamping machines for in line and/or off line use. Capable of handling and applying Chromium based holograms and Aluminium based holograms.




Car License Plate Holders

Full metal license plate holders or plastic licence plate holders can be produced for any dimension number plate required. Our license plate holders facilitate a firm yet esthetic and secure method to apply the finished number plate to any vehicle, therefore creating the finishing touch for the final number plate.