JKG continues to build an international network worldwide. Our partners enjoy the full technical and commercial support needed to be successful in their own geographical area's.

Technical support ranges from suggesting possible safety features to be used in number plates and how to monitor these for security purposes up to the remote control our HSRP production lines supplied, to safeguard proper operations. No matter how challenging the cause, we will offer a satisfying solution! Our technical engineers are on constant standby for any support needed. Furthermore, we advise authories when they are contemplating the introduction or modernisation of their car license plate programs.

JKG holds an open mind towards any cooperation which offers a "win-win" situation for all involved, worldwide. Whether it being a Joint Venture, designing, developing and setting up a production facility and running the operation, leasing of equipment and or HSRP production lines, maintenance of existing (HSRP) production facilities,


JKG may very well be your favoured partner.