Car License Plate (CLP) production


JKG is renown for its production of fully customised production runs car license plates, either being it in small quantities or very large volumes, for any country in the world. For decades, numerous countries worldwide, are depending on our impeccable production runs and swift delivery of High Security Registration Plates. Using state of the art technology for the application of the most sophisticated security features in combination with more than adequate production output, and the use of first class raw materials, first class quality number plates are guaranteed.

The latest challange being the newly introduced MERCOSUR design plates ("patentes"), as of 2016 to be issued in Argentine, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay. Of course JKG is fully ready to service these markets with an unrivaled first class product and/or services. 


New official design MERCOSUR member Brazil

Outside its home country, The Netherlands, JKG is servicing countries like e.g.: Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Ecuador, Greece, India, Iraq, Luxembourg, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Suriname, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, etc., as well as the UN.  All available safety features in the world can be added to the blanks, such as:


(Laser) Bar Coding



(Laser) Sequential Numbering and hologram stamping



(Laser) AZTEC multi dimensional barcode



(Directional) Laser marking